Another Donation to Hoffman Hall, Now $1.3 Million Raised

The Madison Gas and Electric Foundation (MGE Foundation) has announced that it will make a $15,000 donation to the Hoffman Hall Capital Campaign. “The contribution by MGE Foundation is accepted with grateful hearts and open arms,” according to Mike Ulrich, Parks and Recreation Director for the City of Prairie du Chien. “We have, to date, brought in roughly $1.3 million in grants, donations, contributions and commitments to this project, which has certainly put us in a position to begin the work needed to improve and modernize the facility.”

Simplify, Simplify, Simplify

If the fits and starts of all incarnations of have taught me anything, well…


Well, hopefully it’s taught me something.

The fact is that I am continually asked when will return. “It’s how I found out what was happening,” many would say. Others, “it was part of my morning routine.” That’s all very flattering stuff to a writer. Albeit, a writer pressing onward with a true labor of love.

My goal with was, in part, to show that a respectable news source could be provided costing only a few man hours of labor each day. A person with a laptop, an internet connection, and the right connections could do some pretty remarkable things, even on an extremely local level. During those spurts when PdCToday was buzzing along nicely, it was very evident that goal is achievable. But, just because you CAN do it, doesn’t always mean that you SHOULD.

The benefit of not having any sponsors to be indebted to is that if I feel burnt out, I can shut it down. That is the only benefit, by the way. Money would be nice.

But that’s the problem. One person gets burnt out after a while. I believe it’s happened three times now with this site. I’m not that incredibly smart, but I do recognize a pattern when I see one.

But, the demand is there. This site has developed some pretty darn loyal readers. And while I’m not a slave to sponsorships, I don’t like letting people down. In fact, I hate it.

So, here’s my offering. I won’t be posting daily. That’s asking for another flame-out in a couple months. But, I’ll put big news on here. Also, commentary on local issues when I feel inspired to write. Maybe a few other things here and there. Unique things. Things that are worthwhile to come and read. We’ll see how this goes.

Thanks, as always, for your patience with this online experiment.

- Dan

Monday Pulse: Another Country on the River

Thanks for checking in after a significant bit of time off on my part as this ongoing experiment called continues.

This year’s Country on the River has come and gone. Another year of pretty nice Summer weather. Another year of bigger crowds (even bigger this year) and big stars.

It truly is a special thing to have an event like this in the city. I hope the city and it’s citizens realize that. Whether you like country music or not, you can’t deny the vibe that comes from a big concert. Driving around town during the weekend, I noticed so many people just sitting in their yards listening to the ambient music coming from the island. If you got closer to the bluffs, the sound really cut through pretty clear.

Kind of like walking into a bakery…it costs money to eat, but the smells are free!

Those that paid to get in – and there were plenty, tens of thousands – got their money’s worth. The energy of “being there” is a worthwhile human experience. Like I said before, you don’t have to necessarily like country music to feel that energy.

Plus, it was announced that there will be a Rock on the River in 2012 to go along with Country on the River.

Bring it on.